Today’s Tichel

DSCF1345-1 DSCF1350-1 DSCF1348-1

I wanted to try a new pink-themed tichel combination since I seem to have a number of scarves that are predominantly pink. Who knew? : )

Anyway, I made my tichel to match my skirt today since it is Sunday and I work early. I tend to feel more lazy and do not want to “go all out.” So, I chose a skirt I like to bum around in that is basically pink, green, and brown. I chose a brown tichel or the base then added the tan/green flower strip of fabric then the pink, brown, black, & teal scarf. I left down one tail of the brown and one of the fabric strips. I wrapped the fabric strip over the pink followed by the pink tails and finally, the brown tail. I decided on the tan lace I have that was some sort of belt I had purchased very cheaply at a thrift store! The thing I like most about this combination is that it really toned down the crazy pattern found on the pink multi-colored scarf and yet the pink was highlighted since the other scarves/fabrics were very neutral in color.

Oh,one last thing to note. I tried my hand at a higher “bun” today. While it wasn’t perfect, I thought it turned out well. I will have to practice that more!


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