Shabbat Tichel

DSCF1342-1 DSCF1340-1

Here’s the tichel I wore all day Shabbat. The pictures aren’t the greatest because this one was falling of my head by the end of the day. To be honest, I still don’t own a no-slip grip headband…I just use an extra cotton either bandana or I usually use a piece of muslin since I can tie it tight and it keeps things well. However, it still isn’t perfect. It can depend on what my base scarf is and how tight I originally got it.

Yesterday, I chose to work with the multi-colored scarf. I used the dusty blue paisley scarf as the base and then a tan one that has metallic silver striping – although, I’m not sure you can see enough of the scarf to see that effect. I then folded the multi-colored scarf into a triangle and put it further back. I left out one blue tail and used both multi-colored tails to complete the look. I decided to use my sequin scarf that is white and black even though I was wearing a dark brown skirt with gold beadwork. I fought the urge to stick to the “American” principle of not mixing black and browns or creams and whites. I am very glad I did! I really like how the sequin scarf tied (no pun intended) together! I wanted some kind of little pin to top it all off and chose a silver flower hair pin.

Again, just start mixing things that normally you wouldn’t put together and I guarantee you will be pleased with the results often! Once your eye is trained, tichel combining will be second nature! 🙂


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