Today’s Tichel

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I wanted to wear my sinar tichel again today, as I really like the colors and outfit I first wore with it. But how to make it original when I had already posted? If you recall, I wrapped a sequin scarf with it that I did not attach to the actual tichel. “So, why not do that with another scarf?” I thought. As you can see, I chose a bright purple and pink flowered scarf. I don’t usually wear this one, as the colors just don’t seem to work with a lot of what I own; meaning, I just don’t wear that hue/shade of purple and pink. Nevertheless, I started out this look with a base tichel to make the bun since I have yet to buy the “underbun” as I call it. I chose a color similar to the teal in the sinar tichel, so I left some showing. Then I placed the sinar tichel on the base scarf. I chose to cover the sinar tichel with the purple scarf and then I had a long strip of white cluny lace I wrapped on the purple scarf. Next, I wrapped one of the sinar tails, folding back the white so that the teal polka dot fabric was next to the white lace, tucking in the tail. Then I wrapped one purple tail over the sinar tail, leaving only the teal polka dots showing followed by the white lace again. I wrapped the second purple tail around the bun to just tuck it in then finished the tichel by wrapping the last sinar tail ontop further back to make a purple gap between the whites. I wanted to wear a cute flower pin, but I had issues and was running out of time! Oh well, I received a compliment from the lady at the post office this morning!

I hope you come away today knowing that although you sew a sinar tichel permanently, you can still make variances!


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