Today’s Tichel



My tichel today consists of a long multi-colored scarf and a tan plaid scarf. The green, burgundy and mustard colored one is the base and I left out one tail. I added the tan one and used the tails to wrap around the bun and then took the multi-colored tail and wrapped it back over. Now that meant that I had a half-tail left and I wasn’t fully sure what to do with it. I remember Andrea Grinberg wrapping tichels and using a nice pin to keep it in place without making a knot which adds bulk. The way this ended up, I couldn’t make a knot. I don’t have a pin that would have matched of the flowery ones I have made but I thought – why not use an elastic headband to secure it in place and add a decorative touch? So I used my navy blue elastic headband to both hold the tail and to add a touch of flowers to the tichel. I also added a golden ribbon to highlight more of the mustard color. The length of the tail was just long enough; anything longer and I might have been annoyed!


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