Today’s Tichel


Today is my day off. I just didn’t know what to wear today so when I talked to my fiance on the phone, I asked him, “What color should I wear today?” He responded, “Orange.” Orange? That is an odd request. Orange is not exactly in the everyday American’s closet. At least not the oranges I have!

Regardless, I sought out my outfit and decided on a shirt with a rich purple, red, and orange pattern. Quickly, I decided on my tichel, too!

I used my deep purple “pashmina” styled scarf as the base, leaving one tail out. I then put on a bandana kerchief with the main color that was red. I took a bright orange scarf that I have seldom worn for the very reason that I feel orange hurts American’s eyes if it is the main color. I decided that it would make a great addition to this tichel, even if it is bright for a Midwestern winter day! The part of the orange tichel you see toward the front is actually the design on the width and not the length. I achieved this look by tying the scarf normally with the two tails equal length. then I took the right one and opened it flat, laying it over the bun up to the edge of where I had set it behind the red one. The ends of this scarf have tassels, so I folded them under before laying it down. The width of the scarf is just enough that I could tie the corners under the bun tightly enough. I then took the remaining orange and purple tails, twisted them and wrapped them around the bun. I finished this off by adding an elastic headband I made with cute red ribbon flowers. I am very pleased with this combination – all thanks to my fiance! Just one of the many ways that he is a keeper!


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