Today’s Tichel


Here yellow was my goal. I only have one or two scarves that have yellow in them so I am limited in this color. I wore a skirt with the background color of the blue of my base scarf. I didn’t feel like being overly bright today so to temper the colors, I chose fabric that I wear rather often. It is actually a deep purplish burgundy but depending on the color combination, it comes out more brown. I was hoping for this effect. I also do not have much by way of browns. This I must remedy, God willing. I left the burgundy-ish tails down while I put on the tan plaid scarf which I also left those tails down. Then I added the brown and yellow fabric. This is only a strip of fabric – it isn’t a scarf.

Because of the thickness of the burgundy fabric and the length of the tan scarf, I was at a loss for what to do without making the bun or the wrappings way to large for my small head! So, I took the tails of the burgundy and covered the bun. To hold down the sections, I wrapped the tan tails around the bun. Wanting to highlight the yellow even more, I found small pale yellow buds in my fake flower stash & just tucked the stems in the tan tails.


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