Today’s Tichel


I tried my hand at a lot of fabric today! And I forced myself outside the norm for pattern & color. I think it worked very well! I’m realizing that as I pick scarves I have to tell myself, “Don’t think like an American; don’t think like an American.”

I used a “pashmina” styled blue scarf – well, more of a greenish blue than what the picture shows – as the base and kept one tail out. I used the yellow multi-colored scarf next followed by a crazy patterned pink, teal, black, brown, & white scarf. All three scarves are longer rectangular ones which produced 5 (6 but the first is used to make the bun!) dangling tails. What to do? I kept the wild patterned one to just show along one strip and then the bun in the back since the scarf is a thinner fabric thereby keeping the bulk down when wrapped around my head. I took one of the yellowish tails and wrapped it around the bun and the second I laid flat across the top. That tail was longer than the other and had maybe 6 inches extra after I wrapped it. I took the last tail, the blue one and laid it in front the the yellowish tail around the bun. This gave a sort of “halo” look, for lack of a better term. The blue also had a short extra tail that matched the length of the yellowish one. I tied them together, wrapping the yellowish extra around the blue section and tucked the other tail up to make it look like a knot.

If you have followed Andrea Grinberg’s tichel wrappings, you’ll notice that she likes to leave her tails hanging in the breeze. Not me. I love the look of a fun knot just behind my ear. I’m sure you’ll end up seeing that more than tails.

To finish the look, I took a sheer black ribbon and wrapped it twice around and added a small white flower pin I made. Both gave this that finesse I so love to experiment with! I am BIG on ribbons, lace, and flowers. Yup, just call me Princess “Leia!”


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