Today’s Tichel




Today’s theme is pink. Such a thought actually makes me chuckle since I had been grossly avoidant of EVERYTHING pink through my college years. B’H, He has slowly reminded me of what it means to be a woman and that femininity is actually what He wants. No longer am I afraid to be a woman for Baruch atah Adonai Eloheynu Melech ha-olam, she’asani birtzono! Blessed are You, LORD our God King of the universe, for having made me according to His will!

I am wearing one “pashmina” styled scarf – when I say “pashmina” I think of the shape and texture/thickness, not the paisley pattern – which is the solid pink. Then I layered that with a typical bandana followed by the dark, dark purplish burgundy fabric. I kept one pink tail out to wrap over the top again and I took the short ends of the dark fabric and tucked them under to make a fancy looking faux-knot. I remembered that I had a cute little flower pin I had made to lightly accent the knot, since I felt adding other ribbons and such ontop would detract from the style.

Seriously, ladies. If you are having a hard time combining scarves, just begin to lay out scarves ontop of each other. And even if they look only ok laying flat, just try them on anyway! It is amazing what the combinations look like when you start wrapping them and each takes on its on personality. I honestly wasn’t sure about using the darker fabric on this one because there really isn’t any pink on it. However, the shade of red that is on the pattern ends up looking more pink when next to the other colors and the purplish burgundy background color takes on a brownish look which pulls the whole outfit together!

Think of colors in the sense of families. When each is in their own home, they have their own way of doing things but bring them all together, you can see how they are all related! =] Really, just play around with colors & patterns. You’ll begin to get a sense of what goes with what and what will never go together. Never be afraid to mix colors or patterns, you just don’t know how good it will turn out ’til you try!



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